State of Eden SoE Artist Founder

Artist and Founder

Rebecca lives in the inner bayside area of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two children and their Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Rebecca is a strong believer in living  with passion and purpose regardless of what you do.

“I am a lover of all things creative and for as long as I have known myself I have crafted things (and made a mess, sorry mum and sorry husband!!).  I studied fashion design at university and making clothes for either myself or large retailers has been my main gig to date but picking up my pencils and drawing has always been my happy place.

I grew up in a very creative and inspiring environment with a mum who was a trained art teacher who mastered of everything she applied herself to.  My mum and a few amazing teachers at school and university taught me a great deal of drawing technique and skill and over the years I have created my own sense of style and process.

The idea for State of Eden was conceived after I drew my son a picture of an elephant for his first birthday.  I wanted to give him a gift that was beautiful, joyful and from the heart that would remind him of how much he is loved.  My inspiration always comes from all that is natural around me – be that animals, flowers, plants or people.  It felt like the perfect gift and after enjoying the process so much I wondered if this was something I could share with others.  I love the endless possibilities with art and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and meaningful to others.

Whether we are creative or not, art has the ability to transform not only the spaces in which we live but also our minds and our hearts.”

State of Eden loves the idea of community and collaboration so if you are an artist, stylist or just a customer liking to know more please drop us a line at or via our contact page here.