Framing Guide

We don’t sell framed prints online but we are very happy to provide you with information on how you can best frame your prints yourself.  Depending on your budget there are different options when it comes to framing.


Custom Framing 

If your budget is on the more generous side and you want something bespoke then having your local framing shop frame your print will give great results with minimum effort. A professional framer can step you through the whole process and be able to work with you on the frame design as well as the mat size and colour.  We recommend a professional framer for all our limited edition print artworks as this will ensure your print is framed to archival standards.  It is best to have limited edition print artworks unpacked by your framer too (rather than you) as they will know how to best handle your print and ensure it does not get damaged prior to framing.  You can always request this be done with you so that you can be there at the great unveiling!



This is a good option if your budget is tighter but it will require a little more effort.  There are lots of great ready made frames available on the high street so you can achieve a designer look for very little.  We have a few tips for DIY framing:

  • Mat Board – we recommend using a mat board with all our prints. A mat board provides ‘breathing’ space between the print and the glass or acrylic surface (like Plexiglas) that is protecting your print. This ensures your print does not come into contact with any moisture that may build on the surface of the glass or acrylic surface particularly with temperature and humidity changes.  A mat board can also enhance your print and create more of a statement.

All print measurements provided on our product page are the total width and height of the print.  There is usually white space around the artworks so mat boards can often be smaller than the actual print size:

Mat boards for portrait prints – 0.5 – 1.5cm smaller in the width, 0.5cm to 3cm smaller in the height.

Mat boards for landscape prints – 0.5 – 3cm smaller in the width, 0.5cm to 1.5cm smaller in the height.

  • Archival quality backing – when framing our own prints (we often use Ikea and Country Road here) we recommend placing a piece of archival quality paper between your print and the back of the frame to ensure all areas touching your print are acid free.  This extra layer can also mean any additional ‘fixing’ of the print to the backing board may not be necessary as the print will sit firm against the mat board and backing.  If fixing is still required to keep your print in place behind the mat board this can be down with adhesive photo corners.  This step will require some measuring to work out where the photo corners need to be placed on the archival quality paper backing.  Your print artwork will then sit in the photo corners.  Mat board is generally acid free if the frame is purchased through a reputable retailer.  Archival quality paper can be purchased at your local art shop or even your local stationary retailer.
  • Before mounting your print give your frame a quick clean with a glass cleaner cloth (like you use for prescription glasses) or give a light clean with an appropriate glass cleaner. When cleaning the glass always spray a cloth first and then apply the cleaner to the glass.  Never spray cleaner near your print!  Plexiglas or other acrylic surfaces can not be cleaned with general class cleaner that contains ammonia.  A cleaner that specifies it can be used on acrylic surfaces will need to be used.
  • Some of the retailers we like to use or recommend are listed below:



Country Road


West Elm

John Lewis (UK)



DIY / Custom Framing

This option combines a mix of the two options above.  You can purchase a ready made frame in the style or size that you want.  Your local framing can then cut a mat board to the size and colour that you require for your print and chosen frame. The next steps will follow our DIY section as you will mount the print yourself.  This is a good option if you are residing in North America where some of our print sizes are not a ‘standard’ size for ready made frames and mats sold locally.  This is also a cheaper option for those desiring a bespoke look to their framed print.



Hanging you print and maintaining your print

So once your print is mounted the next step is hanging.  We have a few tips that may make it ease

Always ensure your print is out of direct sunlight.  UV rays will deteriorate your print.


Print Maintenance

  • Framed prints should be opened every few years to clean dust and allow the artwork to air. Please follow our cleaning tips in the DIY section above.



If you still have any questions on framing, please get in touch via our Contact Page or email us at info@stateofeden.   We will be happy to help!