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Art inspired by Nature


Life inspired by Art

For all of us creating a happy, harmonious home is essential to maintaining our health and well being.  State of Eden was founded on the belief that art is food for the soul and important in creating spaces within our homes that inspire and comfort us. Our muse here at State of Eden is the beauty of our natural surroundings and we understand that connectedness with our environment provides joy and contentment for both adult and child.

The Art

State of Eden wall prints are taken from original artworks that are created by hand with pencil, paints, inks or mixed media by State of Eden principal artist Rebecca Garfield.  Each piece is exceptionally detailed and a labour of love.

The Prints

High quality reproductions of each artwork are printed on archival fine art paper using UV resistant, High Definition pigment inks to enable outstanding detail, colour and texture.  Our fine art paper possesses the unique texture and warm white tone of traditional watercolour paper and is extremely age resistant.  Your print looks and feels just like the original.  At State of Eden we do not believe in a throw away culture.  We believe in beautiful, quality prints that can be enjoyed for generations.

Our paper for both fine art prints and stationery is responsibly sourced (with FSC certification on our fine art and card qualities) and where possible contain recycled content.  The cotton paper used for our fine art prints is very age resistant and is made using linters, a by-product of the cotton textile industry (for more info on our fine art paper sustainability please see https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/about-us/sustainability.html )

The Range

Wall prints are offered in different sizes and can be both open edition and limited edition to fit your budget and requirements.  Open edition prints are print runs without any limitations.   They are more affordable but less exclusive.   We generally offer all our artworks as open edition prints in smaller print sizes (5×7″, A4, A3 and occasionally A2).  Limited edition prints are prints runs with a set print edition size (50/100/150) and come with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist.  Once the edition is sold out they will never be printed again in that design/size.  They are more expensive but more rare and therefore valuable. We generally offer all our artworks as limited edition in larger print sizes (A2 and occasionally A1).   We provide artworks that will continually inspire and be treasured forever.

Our beautiful artworks are also brought to life on complimentary stationery items for all your special events.

Art inspired by Nature.  

Life inspired by Art.

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