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State of Eden was launched in April 2017 by artist and founder Rebecca Garfield.  Rebecca has turned her love for drawing and her fascination with the natural world into creating a range of beautiful, fine art prints for home and child, as well as a complimentary stationery range.  Each piece created by Rebecca is highly detailed and a labour of love.

“I founded State of Eden on the idea that art is food for the soul and the belief that we need to connect with our outside world within the home.  I think this is essential in creating spaces that both comfort and uplift us.  It is really special to me when customers relay stories of how my artworks make them smile everyday.  It is an incredible feeling to know something you have have created brings that much joy to someone else.”

Reproductions of original artworks are printed on 100% archival cotton paper using UV resistant, high definition pigment inks to enable outstanding detail, colour and texture.

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